June 6, 2013

PME Sugar flowers

Roses and freesia, they are among my favourite flowers learnt in PME sugar flower module. Yes, I was busy for the last few weeks.. Busy learning and preparing for my finale cake for my PME class. Well, I was stressed out, not by my instructor but myself. That's the con of being a perfectionist (hmm, probably just in cake deco/baking). A total of 5 lessons, each lasting for 5 hours.. No, there are not long at all! 5 hours may seems to be so damn long but NO, time passes so quickly when we are so focused on our flowers. 

Yes, practice practice practice! Practice makes perfect (well, near perfect).

Did I say practice??

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  1. What gorgeous flowers! Beautifully made!

  2. Hi Faithy,

    Thank you :) I'm still a beginner.. Absolutely LOVE your cakes. They are gorgeous!